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Date of Conference: May 12 / 2017

Creative Works 2017 is a day-long multi-disciplinary conference exploring new frontiers in the creative community and the trends that will shape the future of the cultural sector.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Sanjay Khanna – futurist, thought leader, and inaugural Resident Futurist of the University of Toronto’s Massey College (read more)

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman of Choir! Choir! Choir! (read more)


Creative Works 2017 is a showcase for leaders and visionaries from Canada’s creative community, highlighting three exciting areas central to the future of arts & culture:

Money + Models – Investigating new ways of building, operating, and funding the organizations, businesses, and systems in our sector.
Innovating Work/Space – Exploring the new innovations and technologies that drive our cultural experiences and creative workplaces.
Leading for the Future – Forecasting the trends that will shape the future of arts and culture leadership.

Creative Works 17 is an opportunity for a new generation of cultural leaders to network with peers across industries and explore innovations that will impact the creative community, providing artists, managers, administrators, educators, creators, and leaders of all kinds a forum to explore and celebrate the innovative ways that Canada is at the forefront of the global artistic and cultural scene.


Running concurrently with the conference will be the “unMANAGEABLE” exhibition at Humber’s L Space Gallery presented by Artists in Focus.

About the Exhibition
unMANAGEABLE is a multimedia exhibition featuring presentations and recorded interviews highlighting the diverse artistic work of several Canadian arts professionals.  This gallery exhibition will include a number of artists and arts practitioners who represent leading forces contributing to the Canadian artistic and cultural landscape.  These featured arts professionals began as artists and evolved into influential, entrepreneurial, and unmanageable arts managers.

Afternoon lunch performance by the Matt Lagan Trio, featuring Matt Lagan (sax), Ben Duff (bass), and Ewen Farncombe (keyboard).

Notice of filming and photography: Please note that the conference will be photographed and video recorded throughout the day.  If you do not wish to be in any photos please notify the photographer and videographer at the conference.

WorkInCulture, the Humber Business School and the Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts are proud to present CREATIVE WORKS a new conference for arts and culture professionals.



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