Creative Works 17 will highlight three exciting areas central to the future of arts and culture:

Money + Models
Investigating new ways of building, operating, and funding the organizations, businesses, and systems in our sector.

New Money  (Presentation)
Explore new and alternative organizational, business, and government driven revenue-generation models including the Beautiful City Billboard Tax, Tourism taxes, spectrum auctions and other innovative ways that governments can re-imagine culture revenues.
Robin Sokoloski, Executive Director, Playwrights Guild of Canada
Kristian Clarke, Senior Projects Manager, Canadian Actors Equity Association

Future of Fundraising (Panel)
The landscape of fundraising is changing rapidly; new demographics, a challenging economy, and a competitive industry requires real fundraising creativity. A panel of fundraisers discuss their successes with new trends in fundraising, including crowdsourcing, patronage, micro-lending, and more.
Christine PellerinDirector of Development & Partnerships, Theatre Centre
John Dalrymple, Chief of External Affairs, Canada’s National Ballet School

Mark TraskVice President, Marketing and Sales, Artsmarketing Services

Innovating Work/Space
Exploring the newest innovations in cultural workplace management and technology.

Future of the Creative Workplace (Presentation)
What do current trends in HR practices, including new management methods, a focus on diversity, and a prioritization of staff engagement, mean for the future of creative workplaces?
Adil Dhalla, Director of Culture, Centre for Social Innovation

Culture Connected: Technology & Content (Panel)
Content innovators talk about how technology is changing the way we present, access, connect, archive, and produce.
Courtney Wolfson, Co-Executive Producer, TOWebfest
Olivier Berger, Co-founder, Wondereur
Sophie Perceval, Co-founder, Wondereur

New Frontiers in Space (Panel)
New approaches to spaces and facilities are changing where and how art, culture, and heritage are being housed, experienced and engaged in.
Humboldt Magnuson, Co-Founder, YTB Gallery
Rory McLeod, Founder, Pocket Concerts
Ben Blais, Artistic Director, Storefront Theatre

Leading for the Future
Forecasting the trends and innovations that will shape the future of arts and culture leadership.

The New Faces of Mentorship (Panel)
Mentorship is hardly a new idea, but new programs, models, and methods have reinvigorated mentorship and made it more relevant than ever – especially in sectors with limited resources.
Lindsay Golds, Executive Director, ArtsBuild Ontario
Peter Kingstone, Program Officer, Toronto Arts Council Leaders Lab
Daniel Tal, Director, Manifesto Community Projects

Diane Davy, Executive Director, WorkInCulture

Innovative Leadership Skills Workshop
Presented by Bad Dog Theatre
What do the new trends in leadership development mean for cultural leaders?
Bad Dog Theatre leads participants through an improv session designed to enhance skills, build spontaneity and creativity and rethink what “innovation” means when it comes to managing employees and/or projects, individual career development, and leading in the cultural sector.

WorkInCulture, the Humber Business School and the Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts are proud to present CREATIVE WORKS a new conference for arts and culture professionals.



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